Fighting Back Against Pirates Online The Most Effective Strategy for the Average Content Creator

Digital piracy costs content creators and rights holders many billions of dollars in lost revenues and other damages each year. While the power and ubiquity of the Internet make it easy for authorized distributors to disseminate digital content worldwide, it does the same for pirates.

Fortunately, those who have the right to distribute content have access to tools that can be used for fighting back. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA, empowers rights holders with the ability to issue takedown notices that content hosts are essentially obliged to obey. Simply signing up for an affordable dmca takedown service like Takedown Czar is typically all that it will take to minimize the damage that can possibly be done by piracy.

Depriving Pirates of Hosting is Often All That Really Matters

Some content owners who find themselves victimized by pirates assume that there will be little reason to even try responding. Digital pirates can be extremely slippery, with many remaining entirely anonymous for years despite maintaining high pseudonymous profiles.

There is a weakness that is common to just about every such criminal, however, and it can be exploited to great effect: Pirates often rely on web hosts and other providers of specialized, Internet-based services in order to actually enable their unauthorized distribution of content.

The DMCA targets this soft spot by allowing the legal owners of intellectual property to issue takedown notices to these hosts themselves. Should any host fail to comply with a valid notice, it will lose access to the safe harbor provided for under the legislation.

This tool has proved over the years to be an especially effective way to put a practical end to the activities of pirates. Even in cases where a bit of unauthorized distribution continues after notices have been issued, the damage done will often be dramatically reduced.

A Comprehensive Solution to Piracy Problems for Many

Even though the takedown process is fairly straightforward, few rights holders will be equipped with the skills and processes needed to see it through efficiently and effectively. In the vast majority of cases today, it will make much more sense to simply employ a dmca takedown service, instead.

As a look at a website like will reveal, this is an especially accessible way to respond to and protect against pirates. With unauthorized distribution greatly reduced, rights holders can count on recouping more of the revenue to which they are legally entitled. That can make what would otherwise be an extremely troubling problem into something much more manageable and acceptable.


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